Kadappa district in Andhra Pradesh has a municipality called Rajampet. The great poet Tallapakka Annamacharya was born in a village 4 Kms away from Rajampet. The poet is famous for having written 10,000 hymns in the praise of Lord Venkateshwara. Rajampet is an ancient city which had Buddhist rulers in 600 AD. It was later ruled by several other dynasties including Kakatiyas and Cholas.

The population of Rajampet is about 55,648 as per the 2011 census.

Places to See
Annamaya statue is a major tourist landmark in Rajampet.  It is a 108 feet tall statue erected in the honour of great Telugu poet – Tallapakka Annamacharya. The statue was unveiled by the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Dr. Reddy during the 600th Annamacharya Jayanthi celebrations in 2008.
Sowmyanatha Swamy Temple at Nandalur is 11 Kms away from Rajampet. It is a temple dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara and was built in the 11th century.
There are some Buddhist caves close to this temple, known as Sudda Gavi Boudha Aramam. Many Buddhists and non-Buddhists explore these caves annually.
Siddavatam Kota is located 20 Kms from Rajampet. It has a beautiful fort and many temples inside the fort dedicated to Lord Shiva, Durga Devi and Lord Vishnu.
Gandi Kota is another fort located near Rajampet. The Pennar river and valley can be seen from the Fort. The fort has a mosque in its premises.

How to Reach

By Road
Rajampet is connected to all cities and towns in Kadappa district and Andhra Pradesh via state highways. Kadappa is about 55 Kms from Rajampet. Visitors from Hyderabad to Tirupati cross Rajampet on their route. Rajampet is also connected to several national highways.

By Rail
Rajampet comes in the Guntur division. There are quite a few trains from Rajampet to Kadappa, Guntur, Tirupati, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Chennai.

By Air
The closest airport from Rajampet is at Kadappa. Tirupati and Chennai airports are other airports closer to Rajampet.


Rajampet is famous for fruit orchards. Mangoes, bananas, papayas and lemons are grown here in abundance. Cash crops like groundnuts, sunflower and turmeric are also grown in Rajampet. Rajampet has steel and iron ore mines. China clay is also found in the town hence many ceramic factories have a set-up in Rajampet. A lot of people from Rajampet also work in Kuwait and both cities have good relations. Venkatgiri sarees is another famous product of Rajampet.